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On the foot of Mount Kenya lays Bantu Africa Resort a solution for entertainment, conference destination, luxurious accommodation, beautifully landscaped gardens and wide choice of local and international meals.

Bantu Africa Resort is a hotel with a difference giving its clientele a choice to enjoy the beauty of Mt. Kenya Region. From the beautiful aberdare forest, the Mt. Kenya and wonderful agricultural experience for Agri tourism not only leaves you entertained but well informed and empowered for entrepreneurship.

24Hr Room Service

24Hr Room Service

We offer a wide selection of rooms larger than global standards with an African and Modern theme to meet local and international Tourism. The rooms are also cozy and quaint giving you a homely feeling.

Restaurant And Bars

Restaurant And Bars

The hotel has four bars to accommodate all ages and desires of our clients.
Youth club – From a DJ and good sound system to comfortable seats.
Member’s club- To enjoy soft music and an accommodating environment for networking.
Sport bar – for the lovers of sport this is the place to enjoy your favorite drink as you watch or play your favorite game.
Presidential lounge.

Events and Conferences

Events and Conferences

Our elegant meeting space and conference facilities are perfect for groups of all sizes.
Two executive board rooms with a capacity to host up to 20 VIP’s each and a reception desk to ensure top services.
Main conference room with a capacity to host up to 1200 comfortably seated person.
Medium seized conference room for a group of 100 people with easy accessibility to the washroom. In a quiet environment.
Garden conference surrounded by beautiful gardens and magnificent for conducting team building activities & trainings all with wireless internet (WIFI)

Salon, Barber and Spa

Salon, Barber and Spa

With world class equipment come enjoy your exercise with us. From the gym to the ground enjoy activities to check your health from- cycling, walks, running and hills climbing &swimming.

Arabica Family Park

Ample kiddies activities to keep kids entertained all day.
From indoor to outdoor games we have it all. It’s the child’s paradise. Let your child engage and enjoy to the fullest from our well-equipped children playing equipment and fields.


Cut your travel time and arrive in style to the only Helipad Landing site in the County.

Pool access

Offering an Olympic size pool, the first of its size in the area, in the boarding section and two other pools in the family park with different water games included.

Beautiful Grounds

Wedding?, Photoshoot?, Private Functions?, Music video Shoot?. Bantu Africa Resort has beautiful grounds for that special day.


African Themed RestaurantFour Themed Resturants


We have four bars to accommodate all ages and desires of our clients.


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